Dark Past tour of England.

Come visit some of Britain’s interesting past, our Tour – the Dark Past, finds us not far from the Thetford Forest and the passing woodland wild flowers, we take you to the green landscape of Norfolk and the Grimes Caves, where beneath the Lunar landscape there are thousands of Prehistoric Flint mines. Flint honed out of the chalk underground by these early miners, using nothing more than bone Antler picks and human hands, deep and wide pits reveal layers of quality Black Flint. The much sort after stone known as Flint, after shaping, was used as the main cutting tool of the era and a worthy commodity to on sell. 5000 years ago man ventured for possibly the first time beneath the ground in search of a natural resource instead of gathering above ground resources.

Hellfire caves

We find ourselves on the Dark Past tour outside the Hellfire Caves, the source of the infamous Hellfire Club. Set between Windsor Castle and Oxford University we cross the Chiltern Hills formed from natural Chalk. Here we find the past residence of the Dashwoods, who in years past employed locals to tunnel beneath their local hillside using the chalk to recover the road to London. The tunnel designed with elaborate twists and turns, offers a possible in site to the ‘Hellfire Club’ where we understand that Debauchery was held in the underground Banqueting Hall and other rituals took place in the Inner Temple.

This fascinating visit is part of the 2023/24 Dark Past EuropeDriving Tour of the United Kingdom, to inquire further contact on for 7, 10 or 14 day holidays from $575.00 each per day. 

Roman History

Roman Limits

The Roman Hadrian’s Wall.

When in the northern parts of England it is worth visiting the historic Hadrian’s Wall stretching across the green lands of natural beauty in the counties of Cumbria and Northumberland. This regions wild and majestic landscape, its dramatic crags and gaps had the wall constructed, similar to the Great Wall of China. The Romans constructed this wall spanning the width of England, near the now border of Scotland to curtail activities of the then Barbarians in their drive Southward.

There are a number of sites to visit showing firsthand accounts of Roman life at the time, you are able trace the footsteps of soldiers of the time with a good collection of recently found artifacts. One site Vindolanda is a typical location of the ruins of a Roman fortified Town complete with running water, granaries, shops, houses and Strong Rooms. Read the story of the intrigue of archaeologists, finding a young girls body buried beneath the soldiers barracks, see the Gladiators Glass and the coins all uncovered on the well laid out and presented site.

Enjoy a discovery day with EuropeDriving Holidays taking in the discovered Roman towns, forts and the still remaining wall that stretches across the rolling sheep country. Walk the wall or enjoy a coffee or lunch in one of the many restaurants along this historic monument. Whether it be raining or sunshine this is a worthy visit on the way North to Scotland.


Great Locations, People and Cars.



Napoleon hunted by Red coats

Red coats who crushed at Waterloo

200th Anniversary – 18th June 1815

South of Brussels is the small town of Waterloo; renown for the famous battle involving 70,000 French blue coats with their 250 cannon’s and breast plated cavalry came up against the similar number of Red coats of Wellington’s army which were massed uphill.

The day was long and carnage across the battlefield enough to make the Iron Duke weep, 50,000 were slaughtered this day which saw the French ebbing towards another field victory. Fortunately for the Allies the 50,000 black shirted Prussians arrived late in the afternoon to save the day as Boney (Napoleon) had to dispatch 10,000 of his French Imperial Guards shock troops to his flank to meet Blucher’s newly arriving Prussian force, taking the momentum from his earlier manoeuvre on the Red coats in the British lines.

With withering musket volleys of fire the Red coats eventually found a chink in the French line and with the cry ‘up and at em!’ bayonets fixed the final allied push of the day was victorious but bitter sweet as bodies lay pilled upon one another.

Following the battle unwelcome plunderers combed the battlefield stealing anything seen as valuable, this included some that pulled teeth from still warm corpses which were sold to make sets of dentures for years to come.

This last battle put pay to Napoleon’s ambition to rule and conquer, there was sadness in Britain, Austria, Prussia and Russia as the knowledge sinks in of the great loss of life to rid Europe of this tyrant once and for all.

Red coats hold the line

Visit past battle fields in person, experience Chateau Hougoumont, the house La Haye Sainte (where Red coats and Nassau troops stood their ground) the 10 miles of road to Brussels where many an injured soldier trudged to seek help.

Talk to EuropeDriving Holidays to walk, talk and feel the landscape of this titanic battle from the past.

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Return to the Front action

2017 WWII Return to the Front Nostalgic Tour

Return to the Front -14 Day Tour of Three Countries.

Not to be missed, an interesting and far ranging small group tour, providing history, excitement, involvement; all packaged in a mobile cross country trip, staying at Luxury hotels while visiting the following:-

D-Day Beaches; Omaha, Sword, Juno, Arromanaches, Dunkirk, Batterie Longues, Saint – Lo, Duxford Aerodrome, Bletchley Park, British War Museum, Bovington Tank Museum, YOU Tank Driving, Buckingham Palace Guards, 2 days-War & Peace Extravaganza, Dover Castle, Leeds Castle, Tangmere Aerodrome, French and Belgium battle grounds, Portsmouth Docks, Ardennes Forrest, Bouillon Castle, D-Day Museum, Caen, Cherbourg Docks, St Malo, Bayeux, Folkestone, Capel le Ferne and London

WWII military vehicles from Britain, Germany, USA, Italy, France, Russia and others. Second hand or classic parts, memorabilia, uniforms and equipment, stores and munitions. WWII Fighter Aircraft, bombers and reconnaissance, you will see all there is to see.


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Dunkirk Evacuation

Saved an Army at Dunkirk Evacuation !

Dunkirk Evacuation and the LITTLE SHIPS

Along the side of the Thames River or in the Norfolk Broads sits the Little Ships that saved an army!

In May of 1940 — the early days of World War II — half a million British and French soldiers were trapped in France. Weak and wounded, they needed aid. Help came in the form of countless small craft, steered by brave young men, in the legendary armada of “little ships” that sailed across the English Channel. Many people wanted to be a part of the rescue mission. A story of a girl who was so determined to help that she disguised herself as a boy to blend in with the men as they sailed toward Dunkirk to rescue the thousands at the Dunkirk evacuation.

Annually these small ships meet and sail the Thames as visual treat to those in sight, every five years the classic ships little convoy sails across the Channel to Dunkirk evacuation where the Mayor greets the group in appreciation of work under taken in years gone by.

You too can visit these ships as part of your Europe/UK tour with EuropeDriving Holidays.

So much to see, yet alas, we are all time poor; embark on a personalised driving holiday!

Yes! we can take you to fields of History.


Europe has many different connections to military operations least of all being the Battle of Britain; the aerial battle that curtailed the Germany air superiority over the English Channel and stopping operation Sea Lion the invasion of Britain.

‘On 13 August, “Eagle Day”, the waves of strong attacks launched by the Luftwaffe were badly co-ordinated and brought only moderate success. On 15 August, a combined onslaught by all three Luftwaffe air fleets facing Britain was made for the first time to stretch Fighter Command all along its line. So heavy were the losses inflicted by the British 12 and 13 Groups over Scotland and northern England that this proved to be Luftflotte 5’s first and last intervention.’

Throughout England old airfields still sit silently in the country side, these once fields of activity can be visited along with more well-known airfields at Biggin Hill, Manston or Tangmere. A visit to the monument on the cliffs of Capel le Ferne, Folkestone is well worth while, listing those involved together with machinery of the skies; Hurricane and Spitfire aircraft.

Should you wish to go back in time and have a flight, Europe Driving can coordinate memorable flights in Spitfires or similar period aircraft. Preferr to just stand on the airfield as the Spitfire with its Rolls-Royce Merlin engine roars close over head or the German Messerschmitt and its inverted-V12 aero engine’s with their distinctive sounds, enough for you to appreciate young pilots call to the air.

Come and experience some of these places of history that your fathers and mothers may well of been active at!

Europe Driving Holidays personalised tours to fields of the Battle of Britain.

WW2 German Auto Union


Travelling Europe opens new doors in History

There are many varied avenues to follow History in Europe, one being a brush with military actions of either WWI or WWII as Europe Driving holidays criss cross the battle fields of the time. This gives the opportunity to understand the environment that a family member may have lived through, visiting either battlefields, museums, monuments or life displays. From the Western Front to Gallipoli or Dover Castle to Berlin Bunkers these visits can add an interesting day or so within your Europe Driving holiday.

Kings and Queens of Europe, visit there stately homes or a grisly spots where they may have been beheaded, how the Royalty of Europe is intertwined – all brought about in the name of bringing peace and harmony to Europe. See the dress standards of the periods, changing lifestyles across the various countries visited and how over recent years Royalty is diminishing yet is always show spectacle at events.

Join us and add a day or two looking at History in Europe in style and comfort.