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Travelling Europe opens new doors in History

There are many varied avenues to follow History in Europe, one being a brush with military actions of either WWI or WWII as Europe Driving holidays criss cross the battle fields of the time. This gives the opportunity to understand the environment that a family member may have lived through, visiting either battlefields, museums, monuments or life displays. From the Western Front to Gallipoli or Dover Castle to Berlin Bunkers these visits can add an interesting day or so within your Europe Driving holiday.

Kings and Queens of Europe, visit there stately homes or a grisly spots where they may have been beheaded, how the Royalty of Europe is intertwined – all brought about in the name of bringing peace and harmony to Europe. See the dress standards of the periods, changing lifestyles across the various countries visited and how over recent years Royalty is diminishing yet is always show spectacle at events.

Join us and add a day or two looking at History in Europe in style and comfort.