Moments in Fashion history that offer TwentyFirst Century Shopping- GO AND EXPERIENCE!.

EuropeDriving Holiday’s can make an appointment for you at The House of Isabel Marant – driving you in sports car style to the label that has been synonymous with where the cool girls go-to for Parisian insouciance;

Awarded with the coveted de la Mode Award in 1997, in 1999 she added the lower-priced Etoile line to her gorgeous range – capturing a larger audience and enlarging her fan base even further.

Recently Marantʼs look of perfectly tousled French cool was hitting its stride, with waiting lists for her fringed and studded boots and garments wrapping clear around the globe. Isabel Marantʼs style is effortlessly hip with a touch of bohemian chic. Her signature trophy jackets, laid-back knits and striking accessories have become the uniform of models, fashion editors, and style-setters worldwide.

The company’s Paris store is worth a visit in style, Isabelʼs designs are also sold in over 35 countries, catering to fashionistas all over the world. With famous faces like Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen gracing Marantʼs campaigns, there is truly no end to the success this talented designer can do with your wardrobe.

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Wanting to visit your family routes?

Might be a house, location, tomb or distant village.

Europe Driving Holidays can follow your ancestry trails through UK or Europe while you enjoy a memorable journey through scenic country roads stopping at villages, towns, church yards or where required to follow the unknown trail.

From church yards to battle fields we take and accompany you in luxury along your nostalgic trail, research the battlefields, towns and villages where your grandparents stem from….. Know your history, see your history, Europe Driving is there to assist you put visual sights to names on paper.

Explore your past while staying in grand country hotels, seeing the country your family frequented… just talk to Europe Driving Holidays for your personalised trip.

Great Locations, Cars and People. 

Golf courses in Europe


Golf Courses, every new thinking keeps us poor!- It has been suggested that on golf courses –

Just like all golfers you have a single favorite club that you hit perfectly every time you pull it out of the bag.  Have you ever wondered why you have just this one favorite golf club out of your entire set?  The reason is that it is the only one that actually comes close to fitting you properly and allows your body on golf courses to make its most fluid and powerful swing.  It is simply common sense that in order for you to maximize your golfing potential at golf courses, all of the clubs within your set should be built to the same ideal fitting and dynamic attributes as this favorite club thus producing an entire set of favorite golf clubs (same length, weight, flex, lie angle, etc.).  Golf clubs that are custom fitted to you produce a tremendous increase in consistent ball striking, increased distance, and pin-point accuracy for golfers of all skill levels so when you take them on the Golf in 5 Countries Tour you feel at home even though the greens vary.

For those (like me) interested in the lastest and greatest of gadgets its time to consider upgrading……

As the owner of the General Lee car from the Dukes of Hazard, Bubba Watson already rides with swagger on golf courses. It’s just fitting that Watson’s apparel company, Oakley, has provided a hovercraft to add to the reigning Masters champion’s garage of impressive stuff for golf courses, you know, next to his green jacket. It feels very Adam Sandler/Waterboy-esque.      Behold, Bubba’s Hover. It can go on land and water. That’s Bubba Golf. A must-see video:

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Fashion & Travel can sometimes require attention

Your Bag is packed ready to go – Want to look Cool!

Someone once said – On road trips you may live in denim (we do), and be under the impression that it’s relatively indestructible (we were). But while wearing jeans can feel blissfully low-maintenance, taking care of them is a little trickier. And because we’re all aiming to have our G-Star 5204’s outlive us, it’s time to tackle these common denim issues once and for all.

  1. You’re washing your jeans way too often. Experts recommend that you don’t wash new denim for at least four to six months! From then on, you should wash them as little as possible. Grossed out in the meantime? Pop ’em in the freezer to kill any bacteria.
  2. Your jeans aren’t tailored to the correct length. This is what causes those annoyingly frayed hems. Yes, the look can be a trend, but it rules that pair out for office-wear.
  3. When you do wash, it’s not by hand. Not only does the washing machine disrupt pigmentation and cause colour bleeding, but the tumbling motions wear on the stretch of the fabric. It’s a labour of love, no doubt, but you’ll be wearing your favourite jeans much longer because of it. Annand for the lazy among us: If you are going to use a machine, keep in mind that the newer the jeans, the gentler the cycle needs to be. Also, you should always wash with cold water and use a colour-preserving detergent, turn your jeans right side out as it will help minimize any damage.
  4. You’re using the dryer. We all know that denim loosens as we wear it, so we’re always tempted to toss ’em in the dryer so that they’re skin-tight when we put them back on. Alas, this is a no-no. “It damages the denim fibres,” confirms Francine Rabinovich, founder of Denim Therapy. Since you don’t want to cause any creases in the fabric, air-drying by hanging them from their belt loops is the way to go.
  5. You’re not taking advantage of a steamer. Instead of washing your jeans, give them a quick steam. It will not only smooth out some of the creases, but will help get rid of any unsavoury scents.
  6. You’re buying the wrong size and it’s causing not-ideal wear. Distressing at the knee? Chic. Holes in the butt? No, thank you. “Prevention begins with buying the right size, which is not too high on the knees and bum,” explains Rabinovich. “The stretchier and softer the fabric is, the more likely they will tear.”
  7. You’re bleaching your white jeans. “Using bleach makes the yarn deteriorate,” Rabinovich warns. To avoid harming the fabric, wash with a laundry whitener that tackles yellowing and dinginess. As far as prevention, use a fabric protector like Scotch Gard to treat a pair before you wear them.
  8. You’re storing your jeans wrong. Instead of hanging them in your closet (or leaving them in a crumpled ball in your laundry basket [guilty]), you should be folding instead. “It prevents creases and helps keep the shape of the jeans,” says Rabinovich.
  9. You’re keeping stuff in your pockets. Cell phones, train tickets, and or lipstick—we’re all guilty of sticking said objects in our back pockets and forgetting about ’em. “Doing that too often affects the shape of your jeans, leaves permanent marks, and makes them more prone to tearing in those particular areas,” Rabinovich explains.
  10. You’re treating stains incorrectly. Instead of scrubbing a spot with excess soap or detergent, let a Magic Eraser do the work. It won’t disrupt the dye, and take it from us, it work wonders when you spill red wine on your favourite flares.

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Switzerland the Alps, land of eye and road candy!

Today, discover the edelweiss flowers in green pastures and roaring mountain waters heading to the sea, tomorrow throw snow balls and listen to the cow bells up high in the mountains. Hike to the top of the mountains consider hand gliding from the top or paragliding on the lakes – Switzerland has much to offer keeping you spell bound for ever, travel the roads and passes with enjoyment with one of Europe Driving Holidays drivers in a Targa topped sports car stopping as and when you require, local restaurants, luxury hotels, paddle boats and mystical sky’s Switzerland will open your eyes to a wonderland of memories.

Travel through mountain passes with eye catching views of the green mountainous country through; St Bernard, Umbrail, Julier, Splugen, Albula, Simplon or Ibergeregg passes to name but a few of these magic roads making you feel humble in the surrounds of such grand locations. Cappuccino, beer or a wine while sitting at the head of a canyon with wild strawberries, cool mountain air with the sun beaming from overhead blue sky’s makes you text, tweet or diarise the day.

Mountain lakes with their wedding cake paddle steamers offering lunch on board as you explore the shores, disembarking at small town medieval ports, crepes or ice cream to make your day, board-walks with flowers blooming in colour perfusion for miles or to rest a while on the patio of the hotel watching the water skiing, swimming, bird life or take a canoe on the lakes with their snow-capped mountain borders. Let Europe Driving show you your dream holiday.

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Provence Lavender

Message in a Bottle or from the Pulpit

Europe – centuries of religious pilgrims and structures.

Traveling the length and breath of Europe it is acceptable to see the many various structures of worship built in times gone by, the toil and workmanship can be appreciated as you stroll amongst the standing, or ruins of the past. The might structures built by hand, rope and horse power are well worth a visit even if you have no religious favour. Experience the brilliant blue stain glass windows in Reims, the majestic location of Notre Dame in Paris to Dijon cathedral or Paray le Monial all showing the mastery of the days of masonry and timber.

From these grand structures to the chapel of the river men in St Jean de Losne or the Celtic warriors in the Boreland Burn region of Scotland showing a some what different style of worship. Religion is a road through history with each geographical group stylising structures to suit their dynasty -Normans, Saxons and the many others, by making brief visits to the architectural past we can gather brief glimpses of the past.

A short walk following the chalk rutted paths of the Kentish Downs from Canterbury to London or through the Provence to Les Baux will ensure an appreciation for life in the middle ages yet prompt another memorable moment to treasure.

Make your list of preferred stop-overs and talk to


Canoe around the Castle, then lunch in the Keep

Tranquility,History & Memories as you head to the Italian Lakes

A day in Belgium; fine luxury Country hotel set on the river bank, treed mountains and valleys, the meandering river beckons the canoe. The river with its Swans, signets and many other water fowl is a spring treat for all, while paddling through the white flowering water plants and smooth flowing waters. Unrushed, no coaches of people, but shady trees with cafes and restaurants as required makes this visit a memorable chapter in your travel diary.

Join us as we take you through Europe’s uncluttered best.

From the towers of Bouillon Castle with its majestic views of the town and surrounding river, makes this a must do visit as a stop-over on the tour to the Italian Lakes. The drive through the green mountains with thoughts of the medieval roadways that Knights of old once travelled, history is here for the taking while you stop at local cafes and hilltop retreats taking in the rural scenery.

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Lavender southern France

PROVENCE, State of Smiles

Feel, see and taste the best of Southern France.

Road Trips let you experience the wild natural landscapes that Van Gogh sat and pondered, incorporate the coloured sands of Roussillon, stone towns like Gordes set on rugged hill sides, fields of sunflowers, Olive plantations outside Maussane, the Roman town of Glanum, hidden castle of Les Baux and visit the walled town of the Knights Templar while touching the Mediterranean and viewing the Pink Flamingos of the Camargue.

Enjoy the local foods from the sea and land, the historical mix of French and Spanish heritage of the region, visit the village markets then a lunch of cheese and French bread with a wine of your choice sitting under the great shady Plain Trees.

See lavender in St Remy, Uzes – Kayak under the Roman Pont de Gard, Tarascon Castle, Van Gogh hospice, hill top villages of interest, museum, fashion shopping in Avignon, Hot air balloon over the Alpilles, search the local markets and café’s.

Get away from the beaten crowds of tour buses, river travel and cruises, by being driven and escorted in an exotic sports or classic car to the real country, picnic in the fields or Michelin stared restaurant.

Enjoy the PROVENCE in May – July & Sept – October.

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