Yes! we can take you to fields of History.


Europe has many different connections to military operations least of all being the Battle of Britain; the aerial battle that curtailed the Germany air superiority over the English Channel and stopping operation Sea Lion the invasion of Britain.

‘On 13 August, “Eagle Day”, the waves of strong attacks launched by the Luftwaffe were badly co-ordinated and brought only moderate success. On 15 August, a combined onslaught by all three Luftwaffe air fleets facing Britain was made for the first time to stretch Fighter Command all along its line. So heavy were the losses inflicted by the British 12 and 13 Groups over Scotland and northern England that this proved to be Luftflotte 5’s first and last intervention.’

Throughout England old airfields still sit silently in the country side, these once fields of activity can be visited along with more well-known airfields at Biggin Hill, Manston or Tangmere. A visit to the monument on the cliffs of Capel le Ferne, Folkestone is well worth while, listing those involved together with machinery of the skies; Hurricane and Spitfire aircraft.

Should you wish to go back in time and have a flight, Europe Driving can coordinate memorable flights in Spitfires or similar period aircraft. Preferr to just stand on the airfield as the Spitfire with its Rolls-Royce Merlin engine roars close over head or the German Messerschmitt and its inverted-V12 aero engine’s with their distinctive sounds, enough for you to appreciate young pilots call to the air.

Come and experience some of these places of history that your fathers and mothers may well of been active at!

Europe Driving Holidays personalised tours to fields of the Battle of Britain.