Dunkirk Evacuation

Saved an Army at Dunkirk Evacuation !

Dunkirk Evacuation and the LITTLE SHIPS

Along the side of the Thames River or in the Norfolk Broads sits the Little Ships that saved an army!

In May of 1940 — the early days of World War II — half a million British and French soldiers were trapped in France. Weak and wounded, they needed aid. Help came in the form of countless small craft, steered by brave young men, in the legendary armada of “little ships” that sailed across the English Channel. Many people wanted to be a part of the rescue mission. A story of a girl who was so determined to help that she disguised herself as a boy to blend in with the men as they sailed toward Dunkirk to rescue the thousands at the Dunkirk evacuation.

Annually these small ships meet and sail the Thames as visual treat to those in sight, every five years the classic ships little convoy sails across the Channel to Dunkirk evacuation where the Mayor greets the group in appreciation of work under taken in years gone by.

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