Napoleon hunted by Red coats

Red coats who crushed at Waterloo

200th Anniversary – 18th June 1815

South of Brussels is the small town of Waterloo; renown for the famous battle involving 70,000 French blue coats with their 250 cannon’s and breast plated cavalry came up against the similar number of Red coats of Wellington’s army which were massed uphill.

The day was long and carnage across the battlefield enough to make the Iron Duke weep, 50,000 were slaughtered this day which saw the French ebbing towards another field victory. Fortunately for the Allies the 50,000 black shirted Prussians arrived late in the afternoon to save the day as Boney (Napoleon) had to dispatch 10,000 of his French Imperial Guards shock troops to his flank to meet Blucher’s newly arriving Prussian force, taking the momentum from his earlier manoeuvre on the Red coats in the British lines.

With withering musket volleys of fire the Red coats eventually found a chink in the French line and with the cry ‘up and at em!’ bayonets fixed the final allied push of the day was victorious but bitter sweet as bodies lay pilled upon one another.

Following the battle unwelcome plunderers combed the battlefield stealing anything seen as valuable, this included some that pulled teeth from still warm corpses which were sold to make sets of dentures for years to come.

This last battle put pay to Napoleon’s ambition to rule and conquer, there was sadness in Britain, Austria, Prussia and Russia as the knowledge sinks in of the great loss of life to rid Europe of this tyrant once and for all.

Red coats hold the line

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