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Interest and Fun filled days.

When in the region of Avignon take a day and let EuropeDriving interest you to some of the magical towns within an hour’s drive:- Try Uze’s, a hidden gem with interest nestled under the tall Plain Trees the triple storey houses surrounding the market squares, all lined with interesting and unique shops having high standard of Boutique outlets.

Following visits to the side walk cafe’s, teddy bear shop, interior pot-plant shop, it’s time to find your place in either – Place Albert, with its 1635 chapel, built in the old corn market and named after the King of Belgium, Albert 1st. post WWI.  Or Place aux Herbes (a lively spot of interest on market days) for a summer lunch, while people watching or watching the bird’s dodge the water drops from the fountain.

Following a leisurely morning and lunch its time to get the muscles going by joining the ripples of the river Gard. Hire a kayak for a 60-90 minute trip down river. Paddling with interest under the Historic monument of the Pont du Gard, it is an experience well worth the effort, the river has its fast and slow flows with large fish and local birdlife visible. On completion, a Kayak company vehicle meets you at the rendezous point and takes you back to our vehicle. After visiting the official monument site of the Pont du Gard  we drive back towards our nights accommodation stopping enroute for a local dinner under the vine laiden patio.

Another sun drenched fun filled day in the Provence with EuropeDriving Holidays.

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Roman History

Roman Limits

The Roman Hadrian’s Wall.

When in the northern parts of England it is worth visiting the historic Hadrian’s Wall stretching across the green lands of natural beauty in the counties of Cumbria and Northumberland. This regions wild and majestic landscape, its dramatic crags and gaps had the wall constructed, similar to the Great Wall of China. The Romans constructed this wall spanning the width of England, near the now border of Scotland to curtail activities of the then Barbarians in their drive Southward.

There are a number of sites to visit showing firsthand accounts of Roman life at the time, you are able trace the footsteps of soldiers of the time with a good collection of recently found artifacts. One site Vindolanda is a typical location of the ruins of a Roman fortified Town complete with running water, granaries, shops, houses and Strong Rooms. Read the story of the intrigue of archaeologists, finding a young girls body buried beneath the soldiers barracks, see the Gladiators Glass and the coins all uncovered on the well laid out and presented site.

Enjoy a discovery day with EuropeDriving Holidays taking in the discovered Roman towns, forts and the still remaining wall that stretches across the rolling sheep country. Walk the wall or enjoy a coffee or lunch in one of the many restaurants along this historic monument. Whether it be raining or sunshine this is a worthy visit on the way North to Scotland.


Great Locations, People and Cars.



Boutique Shopping Paris

Boutique Shopping, Suburbs of Paris

Boutique Shopping with a difference!

Like most city’s Paris has many interesting areas to visit that are off the beaten track, once the Louvre and Versailles Gardens have been ticked off your bucket list try and look around the corner, as Paris and its suburbs hold many hidden and local surprises. Take the region of Saint-Germain-en-Laye  close to all as set on the banks of the Seine river and surrounded by the Germain and Marly forests yet offering both cafe’s and boutique shopping, pop down to Rue des Louviers where you will find l’Occitane, LaCosta along with other brand stores, for ladies wishing to hunt for fashion at reasonable prices – . Then into the boutique shop of ‘Solfege’, situated on the junction of a pedestrian mall and close to the Castle. The Mall offers the chance to stop at a cafe for your Caffé Latte, while watching the local activities of Parisian life.

Enjoy the city as after the sun slides away consider a show in the city, all this and more organised and accompanied by Europe Driving Holidays.

Great Locations, People and Cars