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Tim Pyne is a passionate traveller, there is really not a moment where Tim is not thinking about the next destination.

The travel bug was installed in Tim at the age of 5, travelling the world across most continents.

Tim is reliable, well travelled, experienced, honest and courteous. From the moment you make contact you will know you are in good hands.

Born in the UK and educated in South Africa, Tim is an Australian with International diplomacy and world business experience; a father of four with hands on Operational Management and person to person skills.

Having traversed the world’s greatest countries, from South Africa to the Americas, Australia, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, Tim is the ultimate in tour companion, passing on his wealth of knowledge as he transports you on a breathtaking trip through the world of your choosing.

Ex International CEO and Company Director, Tim has been fortunate to have driven to and through many parts of the Globe, touring magic locations which we can now share with you.

You will find Tim able to accommodate to your holiday style, as he accompanies you as a friend or just a real driver. Tim is a non-smoker and social drinker.


Tim’s Driving Credentials

He has an International Rally and Race Car License and has been rallying and racing classic and sports cars throughout the world. With over 30 years’ experience, Tim has many interesting stories of adventure and interest. His understanding of travelling and different cultures has been honed by deep involvement in many United Nations Peace Keeping business contracts around the world including working in – Cambodia, Somalia, Bosnia, Morocco, Angola, Kuwait, PNG and Timor, and operating through Europe, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, America and South Africa just to name a few.

Huck driving the Daimler BASKERVILLE_71203_203

Companion For Your Journey

For those travelling on single holidays, Tim will accompany you making a dynamic and remarkable EuropeDriving tour. His lively and informative conversations will make you smile and his dedication to ensuring as many of your holiday wishes as possible come true, will give you a great holiday.