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Italian Fashion & Fabrics

Italian fashion Textiles and Fabrics Manufacturers

There is no doubt that there is something special about a well made Italian fashion clothing product it is said it is in the way in which a product falls, following the natural shapes of the body is determined by the quality of the fashion textile used. Italy holds the unquestionable supremacy of the textile market worldwide. Italian fashion textiles and fabrics are famous all over the world for their high quality obtained through innovative machinery, techniques and processes that lead to the introduction of always-new Italian fashion fabrics and textiles. Fabric producers in Italy supply the worldwide market of fashion, home textiles and accessories with their refined materials. The made-in-Italy label is a guarantee of quality recognized by everyone all over the globe, and we would like to present to you a list of Italian textile producers that are estimated to be the leaders in their sector.

It is often those quality garments are just out of our financial reach however make the effort, look and stand out in a crowd, this is followed by longivity and self confidence.


Natural pearls bracelets, silk tuft and natural stones by Labò di Giò with above Models by Vintage Model Snyc. highlights Italian fashion.

Taste for cheeses

A cheese tour or a day or two tasting on your European holiday.

Cheese is a food derived from milk that is produced in a wide range of flavours, textures, and forms by coagulation of the milk protein.

We pick three different cheeses to consider to taste; visit their region of Europe, sit under the shady tree while accompanied by crusty bread and a fine glass of the local wine…

As it used to be and As it shall be!

Pasturo Cheese Italy

Mauri Cave Ripened Taleggio   Cow’s Milk

The mould on the outer rind is developed during maturation in natural caves high in the Alps. The interior is balanced with a smooth nutty, buttery and teasty flavour. Considered to be one of the finest DOC cheeses made in Italy.

Normandy France

Pont l’ Eveque   Cow’s Milk

One of the oldest cheeses of Normandy and is said to have originated during the fifteenth century. The cheese is regularly washed, brushed and turned to encourage the special bacteria to grow on the rind. Farmyard aroma, the flavour is savoury and piquant, with a trace of sweetness and a robust tang on the finish.

Murcia, Spain

Queso de Muria Al Vino    Goat’s Milk

Produced using milk from Murciano-granadina goats, which graze in the hot and arid Murino region on the south eastern coast of Spain. The rind forms naturally and is washed in high tannin red wine. After three month maturation, the result is a smooth buttery texture and slightly fruity flavoured centre.

Hundreds of types of cheese from various countries are produced. Their styles, textures and flavours depend on the origin of the milk (including the animal’s diet), whether they have been pasteurized, the butterfat content, the bacteria and mold, the processing, and aging. Herbs, spices, or wood smoke may be used as flavouring agents.

The experience watching these local cheese manufactures at work and enjoying the local ambience and country side is just part of your memorable holiday with

Road Energy

Eating while driving

Banana’s! great energy source and easy to eat for most, I have eaten these potassium filled bomb shells for years, yet surprised by the added benefits found in an article recently that is worthy of sharing:-

“Did you know that the nutritional properties of those bananas hanging in your kitchen change as they grow riper. As they ripen, they become sweeter. Why? Because there are enzymes in the banana that begin to break down starches, which aren’t generally sweet, into sugar. This also makes the banana easier to digest for your gut.

Additionally, Japanese researchers recently discovered something fascinating about bananas; as a banana ripens, it produces more antioxidants than its fresher brethren contain. When the banana has dark spots on the peel, it produces what’s called TNF, or Tumor Necrosis Factor, a substance that combats cancer and abnormal cells. The darker the spots, the more powerful the banana at killing cancer cells. A ripe banana is eight times more effective in boosting the body’s immune system than a fresh banana is.

So the best time to eat a banana? When it’s fully ripe. But it’s worth noting, if you suffer type 2 diabetes, you may want to eat a ripe banana with nut butter. The fats in the nut butter will slow down sugar absorption in your blood stream so it doesn’t hit you all at once, making it easier for your body to break down.”

Well if that does not stir you into taking banana’s on your next trip, probably nothing will.

Keep fit on the inside as you are what you eat, travel well with Europe Driving Holidays.

Helmet needed

Helmet Needed

Twelve Days with Helmet to “The Green Hell’ and back.

Come and experience with Helmet – race circuits of Europe while being driven by race car driver in one of our super sports cars – TVR, Porsche, Aston, BMW or similar. Arriving and collected from London we travel to Brands Hatch circuit in Kent, where we spend two day, one of which driving the world renowned short track.

Watching the rev counter as we speed along the banana shaped start finish straight with Helmet tightly gripped before dipping the nose over the lip before diving down Paddock Hill bend, up and around Druids before the back straight and rounding Clearways… this exhilarating track will test the car and give you a taste and flavour of this 1.2ml English track.

Putting Helmet to one side, we then drive to and under the English Channel into France, heading for Cologne in Germany and the circuit sometimes called the “The Green Hell” – Nurburg ring, this old race circuit which is a mecca includes elevations of some 300 mtrs over its 20.8km Nordschleife road circuit. Staying two days we spend one day driving the circuit at speed enjoying the atmosphere of this magic race track.

From Nurburg we arrive at the Hockenheimring followed by the Belgium gem circuit – Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, testing the tracks and visiting the museums at each port of call.

Leaving Spa we track back to London via Bouillon and Bouillon Castle set on the banks of the Semois River, making this round trip based on race track tests, vehicle museums, luxury accommodation and country driving a driver’s dream trip.

If this is your style of holiday request details on trip No.2015010 on

Sports Car Wine and Cheese

Wine Trip & Country Roads!

French wine and the country feelings without the rush of bus groups.

Road travel through country back roads provides that unique ability to visit the villages, Towns and Cities without the whirlwind speed of bus trips, timetables and crowds. The comfort of knowing that we can turn off and visit that hill top Castle, stop for that photo shoot or continue on a wine tour without issue.

Should you wish to just sit awhile, with a glass of wine while people watching, or take a pedal taxi from point to point in the city then again just walk the many paths, trails and roadways, these options are yours. Taking in the local cultural ambiance, scenic sights or architectural history, this is only provided by personalized Europe Driving Holidays, tailor your trip to suit you.

Discovering locations such as Yvoire, Lille, Auxurre, Maussane les Alpilles, Versailles, Verbannia, Portofino, Kirkcudbright, Rye, Lviv, Bratislava, Barden Barden, Siena or Stockholm the list is endless as we drive through quant hamlets, towns and cities stopping to enjoy sights and places that suit you.

Enjoy the back roads of France with the wooded enclaves, fields of crops and flowers, local cattle, cheese factories, wineries, old stone masons, olive plantations amongst the never ending list of country activities which can include bull running, horse riding, white water rafting to name a few. The ability of sitting on the hotel patio with a glass of wine recalling the days events as the cool breeze rustles the shady Plane Trees is restful and enjoyable. However whether we are in Scotland, Belgium, France or England there are many optional activies including kayaking, horse riding or hot air ballooning amongst numerous other activities to tailor your holiday to you.

So raise your glass of wine as our sports or classic cars are waiting to take you on your personalised holiday of a life time.

Great Locations, Cars and People call

Food Glorious Food!


Culinary… the art of cooking, food preparation and presentation of food.

From Barbecues to Michelin stars, we all need good food that helps to keep us healthy and energised. However the occasional misdemeanor is acceptable as the bake house with its cakes and cookies is sometimes as tempting as a $300.00 Michelin Pigeon with warm foie gras sorbet or a serious T Bone steak off the flames.

The key to life is to eat what your body needs, try and try new dishes, ensure a good proportion of any main meal is vegetables and eat in moderation leaving a morsel on the plate side, with knife and fork together, showing a satisfied eater, waiter and cook.

Travel with Europe Driving Holiday trips you can either taste and enjoy the culinary delights from town to town or we can arrange for you to have local cooking experiences enabling you to prepare and provide dishes from Provence, Umbria or Seville. Join the experience with personalised holiday trips travelling in style.

Dunkirk Evacuation

Saved an Army at Dunkirk Evacuation !

Dunkirk Evacuation and the LITTLE SHIPS

Along the side of the Thames River or in the Norfolk Broads sits the Little Ships that saved an army!

In May of 1940 — the early days of World War II — half a million British and French soldiers were trapped in France. Weak and wounded, they needed aid. Help came in the form of countless small craft, steered by brave young men, in the legendary armada of “little ships” that sailed across the English Channel. Many people wanted to be a part of the rescue mission. A story of a girl who was so determined to help that she disguised herself as a boy to blend in with the men as they sailed toward Dunkirk to rescue the thousands at the Dunkirk evacuation.

Annually these small ships meet and sail the Thames as visual treat to those in sight, every five years the classic ships little convoy sails across the Channel to Dunkirk evacuation where the Mayor greets the group in appreciation of work under taken in years gone by.

You too can visit these ships as part of your Europe/UK tour with EuropeDriving Holidays.

So much to see, yet alas, we are all time poor; embark on a personalised driving holiday!

Yes! we can take you to fields of History.


Europe has many different connections to military operations least of all being the Battle of Britain; the aerial battle that curtailed the Germany air superiority over the English Channel and stopping operation Sea Lion the invasion of Britain.

‘On 13 August, “Eagle Day”, the waves of strong attacks launched by the Luftwaffe were badly co-ordinated and brought only moderate success. On 15 August, a combined onslaught by all three Luftwaffe air fleets facing Britain was made for the first time to stretch Fighter Command all along its line. So heavy were the losses inflicted by the British 12 and 13 Groups over Scotland and northern England that this proved to be Luftflotte 5’s first and last intervention.’

Throughout England old airfields still sit silently in the country side, these once fields of activity can be visited along with more well-known airfields at Biggin Hill, Manston or Tangmere. A visit to the monument on the cliffs of Capel le Ferne, Folkestone is well worth while, listing those involved together with machinery of the skies; Hurricane and Spitfire aircraft.

Should you wish to go back in time and have a flight, Europe Driving can coordinate memorable flights in Spitfires or similar period aircraft. Preferr to just stand on the airfield as the Spitfire with its Rolls-Royce Merlin engine roars close over head or the German Messerschmitt and its inverted-V12 aero engine’s with their distinctive sounds, enough for you to appreciate young pilots call to the air.

Come and experience some of these places of history that your fathers and mothers may well of been active at!

Europe Driving Holidays personalised tours to fields of the Battle of Britain.

History through Religious Buildings.

 Architecture at its best.

When a “church” wasn’t a building; early believers did not have church buildings to meet in. They met mostly in homes. First church buildings did not start to appear until the early 200s.

Early churches did not have denominations as we think of them today. But that does not mean they had no serious disagreements within the ranks. They did not find this surprising. Communities felt they were dealing with matters of ultimate truth and error – matters to be taken with the utmost seriousness even when it meant dissension.

Today across Europe there are countless churches representing numerous different faiths all bringing a little bit of history about the local region.

As we drive across Europe it is possible to visit places of worship from Scotland to Italy and Portugal to Ukraine or Greece to Norway seeing the great architectural structures in the major cities to small deserted (like Boreland Burn) or village churches. Understanding the difficulties of building in the past, the influence given by the church and the beauty of the many ceilings and stain glass windows.

Add a stop or two and see the history as you enjoy your Europe Driving Holiday.

Join the experience

A LONDON – zip

Join the experience

Romans invaded Britain in AD43, they moved north from the Kentish Coast and traversed the River Thames in the London region. Soldiers crossed the river at Lambeth, but further downstream they built a permanent wooden bridge, just east of the present London Bridge. As a focal point of the Roman road system, it was the bridge which attracted settlers and led to London’s inevitable growth, trade and commerce. The soon flourishing city called Londinium the name itself is Celtic, not Latin, originally have referred merely to a previous farmstead on the site.

AD60 Queen Boudica of the Iceni tribe rose up against the Romans, who fled. The city was burned to the ground. However, the Romans eventually regained control and rebuilt London, adding a Forum (market) and Basilica (a business centre), slowly building a wall around the city to protect it from further invasion.

The Romans left at the beginning of the 5th Century as the Roman Empire crumbled, leaving London largely deserted. Britain was invaded by the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes (who came from Holland, Germany and Denmark). By the beginning of the 7th Century the city had become important enough to justify the building of a cathedral, St Paul’s. There is still a cathedral (but not the same one!) on the same spot.

Little is known about London for a few hundred years, all through during the 9th and 10th Centuries there were many attacks by the Vikings. “London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, London Bridge is falling down, my fair lady“. It was thought that this nursery rhyme probably records an attack against London by the Viking, Olaf, at the beginning of the 11th Century.

Visit London in the Twenty First Century while travelling with Europe Driving Holidays as today, London is a major tourist hub, world renowned for its Royalty, history, architecture, shopping and Black Taxi’s. London another common arrivals or departure point for Europe Driving holiday trips throughout Europe and the UK.

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