Come revel and enjoy the experiences and mysteries of life in Castles of Yesteryear


Castles stretch across Europe from Scotland to Sicily.

Castles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes dependent on the location, weather conditions and time period built. The daily life requirements of medieval castles opens new understandings to the period with their water wells, living quarters, dress fashion, livestock, food cropping, weaponry, extent on influence and family connections.

Europe Driving organises your holiday to include staying in Castle Hotels which brings home the romance and elegance of well-maintained Castles. From Dover, The Tower of London, Langley and Leeds Castles to those of Bouillon, Les Baux, Tarascon and Beaucaire Castles are just some of the many many Castles that can be seen throughout Europe. Whether you wish to hot air balloon overhead or seek the dungeons below you can experience the intricacies and specialities of each nation’s Castles from the Knights Templar to the Kings of Countries.

Whether it be an indepth pursuit or a casual interest EuropeDriving Holidays can ensure your memorable holiday includes relevant Castles that stand majestically in their unique geographical location.