WW2 Sun Light

Sun light to Moon light

 Uncover and feel each City with out rush.

Road travel through country back roads in the sun light provides that unique ability to visit the villages, Towns and Cities without the whirlwind speed of bus trips, timetables and crowds.

Whether you wish to just sit in the sun light a while or stay awhile and people watch, take a pedal taxi from point to point, get out your easel and paint or just walk the paths, trails and roadways while taking in the local cultural and ambiance, scenic sights or architectural history is only provided by personalized Europe Driving Holidays. Discovering locations such as Paris, Lille, Auxurre, Maussane, Verbannia, Portofino, Kirkcudbright, Kiev, Bratislava or Stockholm the list is endless as we drive through quant hamlets talk to locals and enjoy a glass of wine watching the moon light across Swiss and Italian lakes.

Car holidays unlike the past, are these days the high end of holidays, as most other forms of high movement trips are bulk carriers, set to timetables, narrow routes and mass catering. Europe Driving Holidays is for the discerning traveler looking sun light and that the personal feeling of freedom yet having 5 star comfort, meals of choice, personally designed activities, stopping and starting at will without the queuing and hassle of being herded to dinner or onto a bus.

Talk to our team about your next holiday and compare the difference. 



perfect luggage


GIRL’S CORNER; Thoughts on travel packing.

Is anyone spending their holidays on the road with perfect luggage? Well, here is sharing the drama of packing! As you may know, when prepping the suitcase for a road trip, there is one rule: less is more. Small spaces force us to reduce to a minimum to make the perfect luggage container. So much sacrifice (taming the inner monster that takes possession of all women at the crucial moment, the one that makes us pour our closet in a small suitcase because “You never know, I might need that, let’s say I go dating /meet someone …” is a difficult task) will be rewarded with infinite spaces, silence, interesting readings and amazing views across the country, away from the crowds of Summer.

Following are a few points to keep in mind while packing (If you usually pack at 2 am the day before departure, then these tips may be worthy of review …).

1-A soft bag is the perfect luggage, there is little room in a car for rigid suitcases. Remember, space is limited.

2-Swimsuit, bikini or one piece. You will have access to swimming pools most days.

3-Heels for evening, low heels and a pair of flat sandals. They will be your best friends, along with skirt, belts and tops to mix and match.

4-Deniums and shorts, comfortable in car or enjoying country stops, will allow you to move around in and protect you from the sun and wind.


5- A bunch of nice dresses to wear in the evening for dinners in town.

6-No need for jewellery and accessories, just stick to the basics: one pair of your favourite piece of jewellery, one large bag to use for sightseeing and a small clutch for the evening.

7-All bathrobe and a set of towels are provided at each hotel during the trip, laundry can be carried out by hotel or local laundry outlet if preferred.

8-Essential beauty products, include your favourite shampoo and conditioner, shower gel, sunscreen, after sun lotion. Please note that most hotels provide a high class range of products in house for your use, washing your hair and using hair dryers is a function open to you daily.

9-A pair of sunglasses will be enough for the whole holiday.

10-A panama hat to shade you from the sun.

11-A windproof jacket.

12-A sweatshirt and a scarf for the cooler evenings spent on the road or patio.

13-If you are a reader then remember your favourite book to cap off your perfect luggage!

What else, have we forgotten something? Oh yes, happy holidays! With Europe Driving Holidays.

French garden and Chateau

French garden at Versailles

Louis XVI & Marie-Antoinette’s playground.

A day’s walk through this outstanding garden on the edge of Paris is a must and in 1661 saw Louis XIV commission André Le Nôtre with the design and laying out of the French garden which, in his view, were just as important as the Château. The works were undertaken at the same time as those for the palace and took forty years to complete.

The laying out of the French garden required enormous work, vast amounts of earth had to be shifted to lay out the flower beds, the Orangerie, the fountains and the Canal, where previously only woods, grasslands and marshes dominated the landscape. Soil was transported in wheelbarrows, the trees were conveyed by cart from all the provinces of France and thousands of men, sometimes whole regiments, took part in this vast enterprise.

Since 1992, the French garden have been gradually replanted, and after the devastating storm of recent years. From the central window of the Hall of mirrors in the Chateau you look down on the grand perspective that leads the gaze from the Water Parterre to the horizon.

There are small but quant café’s in the gardens offering a nice rest point under the shade of the magnificent trees. At one café the paper mats that are given freely make excellent BBQ mats in Australia if laminated on both sides.

Wandering from the Petit Trianon to the Queen’s Gardens, passing by the Hamlet. The Estate, opened in 2006, reveals Marie-Antoinette’s private life. Louis XVI’s wife loved this place where she could return to the pleasures of simple, rural pursuits, away from the pomp of Versailles.


Even though some 100 coaches arrive each day with visitors for the Chateau and French garden, we are pleased to say there is always a quiet corner for those who wish to lie in the shade. There are buggies available for those that find walking a difficulty.

Gardener or not this estate needs to be experienced at least once in your life, Europe Driving Holidays takes you directly to the front of the Chateau at times with the least number of visitors and shielding you from that feeling of being in a cattle run.

Some thanks should also go to the French tax payers of yesteryear.


Secrets of the Mediterranean

EuropeDriving Holidays along the Mediterranean Sea; visit past meccas like Portofino, Menton, Port Grimaud or Murica off the beaten track but abounds with history:-

Portofino; in the past it was a port of call to Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Elizabeth Taylor, Clark Gable, and Ava Gardner. Hotel Splendido still providing local cuisine. One of the best seaside towns on the planet due to its premiere location and unbelievable beauty and worthy of a visit.

Grimaud; retains the same canals and islands of its Italian inspiration, but with a decidedly more exotic atmosphere. Visit Relaise & Chateau Hotel, relic of the 1950s glitz that dominated the area on the way to St. Tropez. A quintessential stopover for those who have docked their yachts in Port Grimaud.

Cassis; retaining the purity of southern France without the glitz and glamour of neighbouring Nice, Cannes and St. Tropez. Since the early 1950s it has become something of a hideaway for wealthy Europeans. Cassis is also home to some good white wine and rose, the town’s cosmopolitan air has made Cassis a quiet but enjoyable Mediterranean beach town. The Michelin-star rated La Villa Madie on the cliffs of Cassis is the type of restaurant designed to cater to the cabals of wealthy aristocrats and actors that call Cassis home.

These and many other hidden gems are for you to explore when traveling the Mediterranean coast with EuropeDriving Holidays. Make your enquiry now and see how the team can offer you a cost effective personalized tour travelling in style and comfort.