Fiat 500 Club


Being a Fiat 500 driver –

we personally invite you to our next meeting.


It is our aim to see the above club grow and offer drivers of these colourful fun filled cars the exclusivity of being part of this local car club.

Attendance is not compulsory, demographics are across the range as we hope to offer something to one and all owners.

The Kirkcudbright Car Club could in the future offer- vehicle advice, possible savings, social commandry, outings, sports events, and maybe European travel.

We ask you to pop along and join us for a drink, coffee or just to say hello as your Fiat 500 could be the key to opening social and business networks.


Location – Selkirk Hotel Bar area.

Date – Wednesday 11th January 2017

Time – 7.30 P/M

We look forward to meeting new people.

Tim and Kathy

Contacts – or  ph. 07929007708


Last meeting notes – (copy, paste and press enter)

500 CLUB – DECEMBER 2016

Fiat 500 club

Saturday saw the cars arriving at the day’s rendezvous in Kirkcudbright Harbour Car park, amongst the many visitors to the area awaiting the arrival of father Christmas on a timely docking Kirkcudbright Fishing Trawler.

Our convoy route took the 500’s across the Kirkcudbright bridge heading for Borgue through lovely Scottish Lowland county-side of the Galloway district while winding our way to the junction of the regions lifeblood A75. A quick right then left turn put us back on the old military road which passes Cally Palace and on into the tourist town of Gate House of Fleet. Left at the clock tower and we were at the day’s destination of the Masonic Arms for a pleasant lunch around the warming fire.

On arrival, we noted yet another Fiat 500 in bright yellow parked nearby and a future club member! With the good company, drinks, meal, chat about world affairs and the speed at which Christmas was approaching it was suggested that a flyer be made and given to all with the intention of advising others Fiat drivers of the 500 Club, as seeing the convoy of colourful fun 500’s grow is the next stage in the club’s development. A flyer is being worked on and will be ready shortly.


It was agreed that there would be no more meetings of the Club for 2016, with plans to meet up in the New year.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas and we look forward to catching up next year.




Tim & Kathy

500 Club – Kirkcudbright.

Contacts;- or Tel. 07 929 007 708

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TVR TUSCAN S (manufactured 2004)


The TVR factory were in 2004 busy producing the highly stylized unique Tuscan’s for discerning sports car customers and road runners of the period.

These ultra special cars were eye candy compared to the usual European continental super sports cars, seen as different, as they were just that. Often seen, compared and written about through the many media outlets as a rare, fast and British straight six sports car harbouring no IT frills only a well presented, engineered and aero dynamically vehicle that captured many hearts

travelling to the golf courses in style

We have just revisited the TVR Tuscan S now ten years on – Arriving from Australia to take a 3000-mile tour including Kirkcudbright, Scotland, Oxford, England, Dijon France, Verbannia, Italy, St Moritz and Interlaken Switzerland, Reims, Lille France and back through Folkestone to Needham Markets in a TVR Tuscan S.

Driving the well presented metallic Balearic Blue Tuscan S off the forecourt of Kerridge’s Sports Cars in Needham Markets, after having a real teaching lesson on how to enter and exit the car plus the other secrets of the Tuscan, we were confident on at least being able to get in the car.

Starting our journey that would put the Tuscan through all manner of weather and road conditions on this autumn drive we headed North along the A17 and 52 with clear skies to our first stop over in Harrogate, Yorkshire. This initial run enabled me to slowly get used to the handling of this supercar – bluntly it comes across as an eager, yet frisky racehorse that once you have hold of the reins and show who is boss, performs as all good sports cars are expected.


A real drivers car, the Tuscan goes where you place it on the road, corner hugging with confidence. After a day under the Autumn sun after sight-seeing Harrogate and Knasborough we set off for the Scottish Low Lands around the Solway Firth, straight up the M1 and left through Dumfries to the small harbour and artist town of Kirkcudbright, a fishing town with an eagerness for the twenty first century. Staying in a well recommended Hotel in town we spent four days navigating, touring and exploring this lovely area of the Scottish Lowlands, enjoying both country and its uncluttered roads which we recommend as well worth a visit in a Tuscan.

We transverse and crossed the many minor roads along the A147 through Castle Douglas, New Abbey and beyond stopping at the Steamships Pub on the banks of the Solway Firth, whether mud or water, the area is an artist’s delight. The TVR loved the twisty turning roads with no uncontrollable rear end step outs in the wet, the 245 x 19” tires took some altering to get the ride and grip as required ensuring the tires held their own giving a remarkable drive.

Our next destination was south to Hadrian’s Wall, a wish I have had for many years, the sun was out again but the roads damp along the A447 to Hexham. Stopping and walking sections of this magnificent structure enabled one to imagine the lonely, cold and isolated life of a Roman guard back in AD140.  I have always wondered where all the stones to create the walled fields of Upper Middle England, my guess is that as Hadrian’s Wall used to be at least 3 meters high and now only one third the height numerous stones have been borrowed!


Staying in the renown Langley Castle that night, saw us up early on a clear day and what a drive we had, the A646 is a magnificent drivers road well sealed, great corners, up and over the Pennines to Penrith (at the end I nearly turned around to do a rerun – great road with no traffic) At times we had morning clouds below us being blown along the valley’s, the majestic views from the top of the Pennines were photographic, then on to Keswick in the Lake District.  The Tuscan showed it’s worth on these great drivers road as with a flip of the throttle when over 4000rpm and the car digs in and like a Greyhound rockets along barking through the rev’s with its hair standing exhaust note from the clat exhaust, a sound and road to be enjoyed.

Summer Roads of France

From the Lake District, we made our way to Oxford for an overnight stop then the following morning a run down to Folkestone Eurotunnel car carrying station, some 40 minutes later and the Balearic Blue S was nose down, tail up and transiting the fast drive through France to Dijon. The faster the Tuscan went the better road holding characteristics were felt from its road hugging spoilers and aerodynamic styling. The Tuscan at the best of times is not very often seen, let alone in Continental Europe, we hooked onto the rear of a local, low flying 6 litre Mercedes coupe and were soon at our destination of Darcy Square, Dijon and the Sofitel Hotel which is always a good stop over as both Dijon and the Hotel have hidden treats to offer.

Surprisingly the Tuscan has a gigantic boot for a sports car. The designers from the start always wanted the Tuscan to be a long distance tourer for two, having space and comfort. The boot  comfortably fitting two large brown leather holdall type cases, wicker picnic basket, computer case, brown leather brief case, two thick driving jackets, all tools, necessary French ‘must have’ kit and ancillary items, Targa, roof and rear windscreen with room to spare, beats the Austin Healey days of serious packing planning.   With the top off the next day we drove to Verbania on Lake Maggiore Italy, cutting across country with little traffic, the Eastern French and Swiss roads were a drivers dream. I could not wait to hit the mountain passes within the Alps, sweeping down the B roads of the mountain above Monteux to join the A147 through and over the Sequin Pass then down the other side to Verbania and our destination once again being the Ancora Hotel situated on the water front. As the weather changed we used the what seemed crude windscreen washers mounted on the wipers, surprisingly worked really well for the whole of our journey. With now very wet roads we drove with experienced caution feeling the rear end wanting to step out of line as the acceleration is very responsive.

Alps tour

Spending the next few sunny autumn days around the Italian Lakes and various mountain passes we really came to both know this Tuscan S, which provided braking confidence and security with its 230mm twin, multi holed and ventilated discs’ brakes. It’s makers certainly gave the market a car to enjoy with the throaty exhaust note not only on the acceleration but with de acceleration comes a howl and crackle that develops from the high lift cams, through the twin exhaust pipes which is enhanced by the canyons and high sided roads of the Alps districts. The gear shift and position of the lever is both smooth, not fast, but firm and comfortable, at times the exhaust note sounds as though there should be a sixth gear but belief me it is not needed on this rocket ship with acceleration still at 0-60mph @ 3.8 sec’s and a turn of speed surpassing 185mph.

Our return route took us from the Italian lakes to St Moritz with Autumn now clearly here, the trees of changing colours made each day a visual delight as hillside and valley’s were sparkling burnt Orange as the sun dances across swathes of woodlands.


All through Italy and Switzerland many car enthusiasts enquired as to the maker of car, where it was made and ’was its Batman’s car’, there is no doubt the wind tunnel tested smooth and curvy appearance still catches the eye. From St Moritz, next stop over being Arosa reminding me of my Swiss Alpes Rallye days, then Interlaken, again across snow covered Alps, twisting and turning up and down the passes – what fun to be, again across snow covered Alps, twisting and turning up and down the passes – what fun to feel the front end turn light as powering out of second gear corners up steep inclines, gives one the feeling of taking off.


Leaving Interlaken we tracked across Switzerland and France heading for Reims in Champaign country. Along B roads we drove some great stretches of road to ourselves passing through canyons, alongside wide running streams, through forests and over carpets of Golden fallen leaves that cover the entire road ways, what different country side is on display when compared with that of the Australian and Papua New Guinea that I was used to.

We found the two-tone bucket seats very comfortable for the long distance and yet body hugging through corners, leg room with the straight six engine could not be faulted so with our GPS unit nicely placed between the all alloy consul and the audio pod the drivers position offered all day comfort.  The design and colour scheme used within the car were well chosen being off white and blue. From the leather steering wheel, all alloy fittings and leather and velour door, the cab fit out again offering genuine style and interest with the self empting ashtray (that no longer takes ash) After a long day’s drive and wet afternoon the visit to the Cathedral in Reims and the then Champagne was a nice finish to the day.

The following day it was off to Lille and chocolates in the old town,


again keeping off the motorways, for a change we zipped across central France in style and comfort, falling across the many WW1 remembrance sites in the Somme region.

Well by now we had used the air conditioners which work very well once you master the nicely melded alloy twist knobs that match the window openers. It was now the turn of the heater and demisters – again the controls and shark mouth like apertures providing well directed warm air where necessary and we did not experience any misting of windows.

Car and Castle

Arriving back in England after such an experience in a car that still holds its own a decade after its manufacture, a true future Classic car. Other than checking the tires and refueling the Tuscan S was truly a treat to drive, an exceptional touring car. 9/10 marks and I look forward to further tests.



500 CLUB

Last Meeting before Christmas

Hello to you all;

Well last Tuesdays run offered a bright and sunny day although cold and frosty, unfortunately only the one car made it to the rendezvous point on this occasion. The booking was therefore cancelled until a later time and Kathy and I took a shorter drive to Gatehouse of Fleet for lunch where a bright yellow 500 was spotted parked in the car-park.

I must apologize for any misunderstandings on the arrangements as it appears the wrong email address was given out. All communications for the Kirkcudbright Fiat 500 Club should be sent to and not to the EuropeDriving website.

As Christmas is approaching fast it has been suggested that we meet for a lunch in Gatehouse Fleet on Saturday 3rd December 2016.

To ensure no confusion on event/date or location, we will start by meeting in the Kirkcudbright Harbour car park for a 12.30 departure.  We would probably get back to Kirkcudbright around 2.30pm, but for those who need to get back earlier all times can be adjusted if we have sufficient notice.

We look forward to catching up as I am sure we will all have stories of Christmas activities and highlights.

Any communications please feel free to send to me (Tim Pyne)






500 CLUB


Great to catch up with all last Wednesday at the Selkirk Hotel, making new friends and meeting though’s with a keen interest in their fun cars the……………………………….  FIAT 500c

From the first Kirkcudbright 500 Club meet and greet; we have arranged to meet at 12.30 Wednesday 23rd November in the Harbour carpark, Kirkcudbright.

For a prompt start, driving convoy fashion to enjoy a luncheon (circa 13.00hrs.) a short drive West along the A75 at –

The Marrbury Smokehouse, Bargrennan, Newton Stewart, DG8 7DY

Following that, for though’s that can make it – tea or coffee at –

Fleet Vale, High St, Gatehouse of Fleet, Castle Douglas DG7 2HP

Prior to returning to Kirkcudbright.

We look forward to meeting you all again and invite any FIAT 500c new and interested persons.

Until then … keep smiling and well.



Do invite and spread the word to other FIAT 500c owners. 






Cruise – Bari to Rome

We collect you from your Cruise and drive you on a 7 day holiday extension, taking you from your Adriatic cruise, Bari to Rome airport for your return flight to Australia.

This cruise extension holiday meets you in Bari, Italy then take you south to Brindisi and onto Taranto during day one. We track across to Salerno on the west coast of Italy via Potenza before arriving on the Amalfi Coast. We stay on the rugged Amalfi coast for a few days visiting Salerno, catching a ferry to the Isle of Capri, visiting its famous Blue Grotto. Leaving the Amalfi coast with its many potters we visit Sorrento prior to arriving at Pompeii then onto the Historic city of Naples. Staying in Naples we also visit Mt Vesuvius and explore the city before driving north through Montecassino and the Simbruini National Park, arriving at our destination in Rome.

Considered one of the best coast road trips through Europe, EuropeDriving Holidays are able to take single travellers or small groups of up to 8 travellers on this real country Extension trip taking in Southern Italy.

Other cruise Extension Trips from:-

Barcelona; Marseilles; Monaco; Genoa; Rome; Venice; Southampton; Dublin; Belfast and Amsterdam.


* Centrally located Luxury hotels each night.

* Twin share accommodation (single rooms available).

* Meals including 7 X Breakfasts.

* Premium single or group travel in suitable vehicle, with good luggage capability.

* Driver/guide, all fuel, tolls and parking fees.

PRICES EXCLUDE: Airfares; passport fees; beverages; laundry; lunch; gratuities; telephone calls; souvenirs and items of a personal nature.

From – Bari Port to Rome Airport


TRAVELERS TRIP;     FROM £ 1,375.00 p/p



Dark Past tour of England.

Come visit some of Britain’s interesting past, our Tour – the Dark Past, finds us not far from the Thetford Forest and the passing woodland wild flowers, we take you to the green landscape of Norfolk and the Grimes Caves, where beneath the Lunar landscape there are thousands of Prehistoric Flint mines. Flint honed out of the chalk underground by these early miners, using nothing more than bone Antler picks and human hands, deep and wide pits reveal layers of quality Black Flint. The much sort after stone known as Flint, after shaping, was used as the main cutting tool of the era and a worthy commodity to on sell. 5000 years ago man ventured for possibly the first time beneath the ground in search of a natural resource instead of gathering above ground resources.

Hellfire caves

We find ourselves on the Dark Past tour outside the Hellfire Caves, the source of the infamous Hellfire Club. Set between Windsor Castle and Oxford University we cross the Chiltern Hills formed from natural Chalk. Here we find the past residence of the Dashwoods, who in years past employed locals to tunnel beneath their local hillside using the chalk to recover the road to London. The tunnel designed with elaborate twists and turns, offers a possible in site to the ‘Hellfire Club’ where we understand that Debauchery was held in the underground Banqueting Hall and other rituals took place in the Inner Temple.

This fascinating visit is part of the 2016/17 Dark Past EuropeDriving Tour of the United Kingdom, to enquire further contact on for 7, 10 or 14 day holidays from £ 230.00 each per day. 

Cruise or River Extension Holidays

‘We Drive You’


We can meet you in a quality sports car with luggage space and fully cater for your holiday including; Luxury accommodation, either twin share or single room in Castles, Chateau’s or Quality country hotels. Meals that cater for breakfast, summer lunches, morning and afternoon local tea/coffee locations, al fresco or ala carte evening dining, exclusive location visits, a friend and knowledgeable driver, guide, fuel, all tolls and parking. We meet you and do the rest!

See the real Europe and not just the major cities, meld with local life, exploring medieval architecture, wineries, quaint villages, market squares, in field picnic’s, relaxing glass of bubbly under the shady trees, evening shows, while seeing all the key sights that may include Cinque Terre Coast, Tuscany, Florence, Italian Lakes, Bellagio, The Alps, Geneva, Dijon and Auxerre arriving ten days later at CDG Airport for your return flight to Australia.

Now that sounds like a holiday!

Tours are available from;-

Civitavecchia, Rome; Genoa; Venice; Monaco; Marseilles; Barcelona; Basel; Cologne; Porto; Vienna or Southampton to either Paris or London.

From as little as £ 230.00 p/person day we extend your holiday across country and not left alone on a bus or train to your own devises, we enabling you to enjoy a total luxury Extension holidays package both on and off the water with a real personalized holiday of a lifetime.

Example, showing Overview, Itinerary and route map pages:-

Contact or your travel agent and ask about ‘We Drive’ EuropeDriving Holidays. Make your holiday one cut above the rest that you will be telling your friends about on your return. 

see all boat trip articals

Across Loch Lomond

Float Plane Loch Lomond, Scotland

Float Plane Loch Lomond, Scotland

We are there for you, driving you in style and comfort to another day on your holiday, from the banks of Loch Lomond we have you boarding on time in the Canary Yellow float plane. Your day started with breakfast on the terrace, a short boat trip on the waters before a picnic lunch on the grassy banks of the Loch all in view of audience of local water birds.

Strapped in, we are thundering across the Loch waters gaining speed and height before leaving contact with the water and up above the surrounding hills, mountains and across Balmaha for an hour’s flight across Scotland in the blazing sun.

Landing in time to visit the Tartan House where a spread of Scottish colour is on display with articles from kilts to scarfs to consider for mementos from your Scottish holiday, back for a well earned Sundowner. The evenings are long and mild as we revisit our days activities and tomorrows adventures of the Trossachs Trail, Doune Castle, Lake Katrine and more outside on the terrace at Cameron House.

Another day in a EuropeDriving Holiday through Scotland.

Italy 0012017

7 Day Trip

Day 1

St Tropez 1
Arrive in Milan a/m Collect
We meet at the airport at the exit from customs making our way to our vehicle.
Drive to Rapallo via Genoa.
Heading South West we get used to Italy driving to the Old Port City of Genoa. Stopping in this ancient city we have time to spend visiting this great shipping Port before continuing our drive south, along the Ligurian Sea coast road to Santa Margherita with its lively fishing port. Time is available to explore this colourful town and enjoy a glass of wine and meal at the well-known Skippers restaurant.
Santa Margherita Ligure, Hotel o/Nite.


Drive to Portofino.
A short drive from St. Margherita and we arrive in Portofino an Internationally known Italian fishing village where cruise boats call in, Cat Walk fashion shows take over the village from time to time to televise the latest fashions. We visit the mountain top castle along with the many quality shops and restaurants.
Drive onto Monterosso Al Mare.
We continue our drive south from Portofino along the Cinque Terre coast to the small hill top town of Monterosso. This town offers you the experience of pebble beaches, cobbled streets with bars, cafes and restaurants are tucked into the hillside among st the busy shops making this town a worthy stop over.
Cinque Terre Hotel o/Nite


Pastel shades of Italy.

Pastel shades of Italy.

Drive to Riomaggiore.
Leaving Montorosso we drive the winding roads of the Cinque Terre coast along to Riomaggiore which is set on a hill side yet within a crave creating a unique fishing village with its multi coloured pastel homes. From here we can catch a boat around the coast line to visit a neighboring village of Corniglia which sits on the pastel blue sea of the Mediterranean.
Cinque Terre Hotel o/Nite


Drive to Pisa.
We leave the Cinque Terre coast travelling south to the famous leaning tower of Pisa. Here we find both museums, cathedral and the opportunity to climb inside the Tower to reach the bells at the top. This monument has all facilities including a market square offering numerous products.
We leave Pisa and drive north to the Old Walled City of Lucca.
Drive to Lucca
Lucca Hotel o/Nite


Cinque Terre coast driven to the waters edge.

Explore Lucca Town.
This walled city has typical cobbled streets and a long list of historic spots worthy of a visit. Restaurants and cafes along with art galleries abound around most corners of this interesting city enabling a pleasant day exploring the city’s history before a well earn’t glass of wine overlooking the city Piazza.
Lucca o/Nite


Holidays through Rome
Drive to Sienna
We drive south east through the renown Tuscan country side towards Sienna passing vineyards and small villages on the way. Reaching this religiously rich town we are able to spend some time exploring the town and its rich history before lunch.
Drive to Florence
Leaving Sienna we track north through the Tuscan countryside to the magical city of Florence with its inspirational live-able bridges which makes interesting photos if captured on a good night with its lights blazing.
Florence Hotel o/Nite


WW2 Sun Light
Explore City of Florence.
We spend the morning visiting the famous food and leather markets or the Cathedrals of this old magical city. Time is short as we leave mid-afternoon.
Drive to Milan airport late p/m departure.
Driving north we bypass Milan city and arrive at the international airport ready for your evening departure.

Email us and we can custom your holiday FREE making a holiday to remember.