Dark Past tour of England.

Come visit some of Britain’s interesting past, our Tour – the Dark Past, finds us not far from the Thetford Forest and the passing woodland wild flowers, we take you to the green landscape of Norfolk and the Grimes Caves, where beneath the Lunar landscape there are thousands of Prehistoric Flint mines. Flint honed out of the chalk underground by these early miners, using nothing more than bone Antler picks and human hands, deep and wide pits reveal layers of quality Black Flint. The much sort after stone known as Flint, after shaping, was used as the main cutting tool of the era and a worthy commodity to on sell. 5000 years ago man ventured for possibly the first time beneath the ground in search of a natural resource instead of gathering above ground resources.

Hellfire caves

We find ourselves on the Dark Past tour outside the Hellfire Caves, the source of the infamous Hellfire Club. Set between Windsor Castle and Oxford University we cross the Chiltern Hills formed from natural Chalk. Here we find the past residence of the Dashwoods, who in years past employed locals to tunnel beneath their local hillside using the chalk to recover the road to London. The tunnel designed with elaborate twists and turns, offers a possible in site to the ‘Hellfire Club’ where we understand that Debauchery was held in the underground Banqueting Hall and other rituals took place in the Inner Temple.

This fascinating visit is part of the 2023/24 Dark Past EuropeDriving Tour of the United Kingdom, to inquire further contact on info@EuropeDriving.com for 7, 10 or 14 day holidays from $575.00 each per day.