Alloy engine bay, all purpose made for competition work, triple Weber, designed magnesium inlets, rolla rockers, Alloy head with designer polished ports, valves and water pump. Remote oil filter, Blue printed engine with internal strengthening gussets. Designer Pistons, Con Rods, lightened billet crank with needle, rolla and caged bearings. Alloy Monza topped reservoirs, lagged extractors, Alloy oil and water radiators. Race specific ignition system.

Period interior, Wilton carpets, full leather rally seats with extended leg cushions, Heuer gauges, rally light, Hull compass, Hydraulic hand brake, Curta calculator, engine clock, Rev limiter, Bias braking, 5 Speed straight cut honed Holinger gear box with matching clutch.

Race tank set up includes Alloy tank special inserts, breathers and filler. High performance battery, quick start connector, boot light and fuel indicators.

Louvered Side exhaust, stainless steel exhaust body guard, Hump back boot, large Monza capped fuel filler, padded internal roll bars, Factory hard top roof complete with roof vent. Knock on center stud wheels. Billet drive shafts, Flame Thrower reversing light and required advisory stickers.

Year 2004 – 2006 FIA Race Helmet – Tim Pyne

9GO Austin Healey BJ8 1965 Classic. Alloy bodied, Carburetor Air intake, Twin bonnet intakes, Twin grill air intakes, Alloy radiator and brake air intakes. Flame thrower spot lights.

Classic body lines, mini light wheels, 205 X 15 Yokohama tires, Carbon padded four pot caliper disc brakes all round, Twin disc over-sized drilled and grooved rotors.  Engine extractor grills and ‘stand out’ diagonal body strips. USA & Aus. timing recorders. Exterior engine stop, multi stiffened chassis.