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Wine Trip & Country Roads!

French wine and the country feelings without the rush of bus groups.

Road travel through country back roads provides that unique ability to visit the villages, Towns and Cities without the whirlwind speed of bus trips, timetables and crowds. The comfort of knowing that we can turn off and visit that hill top Castle, stop for that photo shoot or continue on a wine tour without issue.

Should you wish to just sit awhile, with a glass of wine while people watching, or take a pedal taxi from point to point in the city then again just walk the many paths, trails and roadways, these options are yours. Taking in the local cultural ambiance, scenic sights or architectural history, this is only provided by personalized Europe Driving Holidays, tailor your trip to suit you.

Discovering locations such as Yvoire, Lille, Auxurre, Maussane les Alpilles, Versailles, Verbannia, Portofino, Kirkcudbright, Rye, Lviv, Bratislava, Barden Barden, Siena or Stockholm the list is endless as we drive through quant hamlets, towns and cities stopping to enjoy sights and places that suit you.

Enjoy the back roads of France with the wooded enclaves, fields of crops and flowers, local cattle, cheese factories, wineries, old stone masons, olive plantations amongst the never ending list of country activities which can include bull running, horse riding, white water rafting to name a few. The ability of sitting on the hotel patio with a glass of wine recalling the days events as the cool breeze rustles the shady Plane Trees is restful and enjoyable. However whether we are in Scotland, Belgium, France or England there are many optional activies including kayaking, horse riding or hot air ballooning amongst numerous other activities to tailor your holiday to you.

So raise your glass of wine as our sports or classic cars are waiting to take you on your personalised holiday of a life time.

Great Locations, Cars and People call

Do you know how many wine growing areas there are in France?

There are ten different wine growing locations in France!

Heading South from the English channel to Marsailles on the Mediterranean Sea you pass through: – Champagne region, the most northerly district with Reims being the regional town where Chardonnay grape vineyards in the district are worth a visit. Area of Alsace, on the eastern slopes of the Vosges Mountains near the German border offering good Rieslings wines. Burgundy region, on the eastern slopes of the ranges stretching from Dijon to Beaune with its renowned red wines. Cotes du Rhone region, set in the Rhone Valley south of the city Lyon, offering many winery visits through the country region. Finally the Provence region located south of Cotes du Rhone where the classic all day Rose wines make a cheese lunch under the Plain trees of a local village in the sun, something to look forward to.

Experience French wines in the country side they were developed in, see history, age and local architecture by driving, feeling and tasting the “stuff dreams are made of”   



French Holidays tasting the best.

French Holidays – taste buds a treat.

Visiting vineyards, of the region on your French Holidays tour.


Europe Driving offers escorted french holidays – Champagne in Rheims, before driving to the Alsace region situated near the German border with its Rieslings and Pinot Gris wines, enjoy sitting under the shady canopy looking across the vineyards from horizon to horizon while tasting these unique wines. Leaving the  Alsace we track across country to the famous Bourgogne wine region offering the french holidays tour yet more exciting tastes before arriving at the Rhone vineyards set on some steep and difficult to work slopes. We find the Syrah grapes which are blended with white grapes to add complexities to the aromatics, the region has a rich history with both the Hermitage label, which takes its name from the hill above the town of Tain, and Chateauneuf du Pape both important to the area. French holiday trips take us to the Mediterranean coast and the Provence Wine Region we explore the regions vineyards offering a taste of the famous Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon wines.

Experience the difference “Great Locations, Cars and People”

EuropeDriving offers sports car holidays where specialized and casual visits to rural French wineries on the West and Eastern sides of the country, visits to Mosel-Saar and Baden regions or through Italy visiting some of the many regions such as Lombardy in the North and its Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco wines or Tuscany and its bottles of Merlots and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Whether you are traveler travelling alone or a small group we cater for the descerning traveler in search of style, comfort and unique travel.

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