Roman History

Roman Limits

The Roman Hadrian’s Wall.

When in the northern parts of England it is worth visiting the historic Hadrian’s Wall stretching across the green lands of natural beauty in the counties of Cumbria and Northumberland. This regions wild and majestic landscape, its dramatic crags and gaps had the wall constructed, similar to the Great Wall of China. The Romans constructed this wall spanning the width of England, near the now border of Scotland to curtail activities of the then Barbarians in their drive Southward.

There are a number of sites to visit showing firsthand accounts of Roman life at the time, you are able trace the footsteps of soldiers of the time with a good collection of recently found artifacts. One site Vindolanda is a typical location of the ruins of a Roman fortified Town complete with running water, granaries, shops, houses and Strong Rooms. Read the story of the intrigue of archaeologists, finding a young girls body buried beneath the soldiers barracks, see the Gladiators Glass and the coins all uncovered on the well laid out and presented site.

Enjoy a discovery day with EuropeDriving Holidays taking in the discovered Roman towns, forts and the still remaining wall that stretches across the rolling sheep country. Walk the wall or enjoy a coffee or lunch in one of the many restaurants along this historic monument. Whether it be raining or sunshine this is a worthy visit on the way North to Scotland.


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