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Boutique Shopping, Suburbs of Paris

Boutique Shopping with a difference!

Like most city’s Paris has many interesting areas to visit that are off the beaten track, once the Louvre and Versailles Gardens have been ticked off your bucket list try and look around the corner, as Paris and its suburbs hold many hidden and local surprises. Take the region of Saint-Germain-en-Laye  close to all as set on the banks of the Seine river and surrounded by the Germain and Marly forests yet offering both cafe’s and boutique shopping, pop down to Rue des Louviers where you will find l’Occitane, LaCosta along with other brand stores, for ladies wishing to hunt for fashion at reasonable prices – . Then into the boutique shop of ‘Solfege’, situated on the junction of a pedestrian mall and close to the Castle. The Mall offers the chance to stop at a cafe for your Caffé Latte, while watching the local activities of Parisian life.

Enjoy the city as after the sun slides away consider a show in the city, all this and more organised and accompanied by Europe Driving Holidays.

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perfect luggage


GIRL’S CORNER; Thoughts on travel packing.

Is anyone spending their holidays on the road with perfect luggage? Well, here is sharing the drama of packing! As you may know, when prepping the suitcase for a road trip, there is one rule: less is more. Small spaces force us to reduce to a minimum to make the perfect luggage container. So much sacrifice (taming the inner monster that takes possession of all women at the crucial moment, the one that makes us pour our closet in a small suitcase because “You never know, I might need that, let’s say I go dating /meet someone …” is a difficult task) will be rewarded with infinite spaces, silence, interesting readings and amazing views across the country, away from the crowds of Summer.

Following are a few points to keep in mind while packing (If you usually pack at 2 am the day before departure, then these tips may be worthy of review …).

1-A soft bag is the perfect luggage, there is little room in a car for rigid suitcases. Remember, space is limited.

2-Swimsuit, bikini or one piece. You will have access to swimming pools most days.

3-Heels for evening, low heels and a pair of flat sandals. They will be your best friends, along with skirt, belts and tops to mix and match.

4-Deniums and shorts, comfortable in car or enjoying country stops, will allow you to move around in and protect you from the sun and wind.


5- A bunch of nice dresses to wear in the evening for dinners in town.

6-No need for jewellery and accessories, just stick to the basics: one pair of your favourite piece of jewellery, one large bag to use for sightseeing and a small clutch for the evening.

7-All bathrobe and a set of towels are provided at each hotel during the trip, laundry can be carried out by hotel or local laundry outlet if preferred.

8-Essential beauty products, include your favourite shampoo and conditioner, shower gel, sunscreen, after sun lotion. Please note that most hotels provide a high class range of products in house for your use, washing your hair and using hair dryers is a function open to you daily.

9-A pair of sunglasses will be enough for the whole holiday.

10-A panama hat to shade you from the sun.

11-A windproof jacket.

12-A sweatshirt and a scarf for the cooler evenings spent on the road or patio.

13-If you are a reader then remember your favourite book to cap off your perfect luggage!

What else, have we forgotten something? Oh yes, happy holidays! With Europe Driving Holidays.

Italian Fashion always finds the perfect car and perfect road.

Italian Fashion & Fabrics

Italian fashion Textiles and Fabrics Manufacturers

There is no doubt that there is something special about a well made Italian fashion clothing product it is said it is in the way in which a product falls, following the natural shapes of the body is determined by the quality of the fashion textile used. Italy holds the unquestionable supremacy of the textile market worldwide. Italian fashion textiles and fabrics are famous all over the world for their high quality obtained through innovative machinery, techniques and processes that lead to the introduction of always-new Italian fashion fabrics and textiles. Fabric producers in Italy supply the worldwide market of fashion, home textiles and accessories with their refined materials. The made-in-Italy label is a guarantee of quality recognized by everyone all over the globe, and we would like to present to you a list of Italian textile producers that are estimated to be the leaders in their sector.

It is often those quality garments are just out of our financial reach however make the effort, look and stand out in a crowd, this is followed by longivity and self confidence.


Natural pearls bracelets, silk tuft and natural stones by Labò di Giò with above Models by Vintage Model Snyc. highlights Italian fashion.


Moments in Fashion history that offer TwentyFirst Century Shopping- GO AND EXPERIENCE!.

EuropeDriving Holiday’s can make an appointment for you at The House of Isabel Marant – driving you in sports car style to the label that has been synonymous with where the cool girls go-to for Parisian insouciance;

Awarded with the coveted de la Mode Award in 1997, in 1999 she added the lower-priced Etoile line to her gorgeous range – capturing a larger audience and enlarging her fan base even further.

Recently Marantʼs look of perfectly tousled French cool was hitting its stride, with waiting lists for her fringed and studded boots and garments wrapping clear around the globe. Isabel Marantʼs style is effortlessly hip with a touch of bohemian chic. Her signature trophy jackets, laid-back knits and striking accessories have become the uniform of models, fashion editors, and style-setters worldwide.

The company’s Paris store is worth a visit in style, Isabelʼs designs are also sold in over 35 countries, catering to fashionistas all over the world. With famous faces like Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen gracing Marantʼs campaigns, there is truly no end to the success this talented designer can do with your wardrobe.

Join the Experience and visit for your next personalised holiday through Europe, UK or Ireland.


Fashion & Travel can sometimes require attention

Your Bag is packed ready to go – Want to look Cool!

Someone once said – On road trips you may live in denim (we do), and be under the impression that it’s relatively indestructible (we were). But while wearing jeans can feel blissfully low-maintenance, taking care of them is a little trickier. And because we’re all aiming to have our G-Star 5204’s outlive us, it’s time to tackle these common denim issues once and for all.

  1. You’re washing your jeans way too often. Experts recommend that you don’t wash new denim for at least four to six months! From then on, you should wash them as little as possible. Grossed out in the meantime? Pop ’em in the freezer to kill any bacteria.
  2. Your jeans aren’t tailored to the correct length. This is what causes those annoyingly frayed hems. Yes, the look can be a trend, but it rules that pair out for office-wear.
  3. When you do wash, it’s not by hand. Not only does the washing machine disrupt pigmentation and cause colour bleeding, but the tumbling motions wear on the stretch of the fabric. It’s a labour of love, no doubt, but you’ll be wearing your favourite jeans much longer because of it. Annand for the lazy among us: If you are going to use a machine, keep in mind that the newer the jeans, the gentler the cycle needs to be. Also, you should always wash with cold water and use a colour-preserving detergent, turn your jeans right side out as it will help minimize any damage.
  4. You’re using the dryer. We all know that denim loosens as we wear it, so we’re always tempted to toss ’em in the dryer so that they’re skin-tight when we put them back on. Alas, this is a no-no. “It damages the denim fibres,” confirms Francine Rabinovich, founder of Denim Therapy. Since you don’t want to cause any creases in the fabric, air-drying by hanging them from their belt loops is the way to go.
  5. You’re not taking advantage of a steamer. Instead of washing your jeans, give them a quick steam. It will not only smooth out some of the creases, but will help get rid of any unsavoury scents.
  6. You’re buying the wrong size and it’s causing not-ideal wear. Distressing at the knee? Chic. Holes in the butt? No, thank you. “Prevention begins with buying the right size, which is not too high on the knees and bum,” explains Rabinovich. “The stretchier and softer the fabric is, the more likely they will tear.”
  7. You’re bleaching your white jeans. “Using bleach makes the yarn deteriorate,” Rabinovich warns. To avoid harming the fabric, wash with a laundry whitener that tackles yellowing and dinginess. As far as prevention, use a fabric protector like Scotch Gard to treat a pair before you wear them.
  8. You’re storing your jeans wrong. Instead of hanging them in your closet (or leaving them in a crumpled ball in your laundry basket [guilty]), you should be folding instead. “It prevents creases and helps keep the shape of the jeans,” says Rabinovich.
  9. You’re keeping stuff in your pockets. Cell phones, train tickets, and or lipstick—we’re all guilty of sticking said objects in our back pockets and forgetting about ’em. “Doing that too often affects the shape of your jeans, leaves permanent marks, and makes them more prone to tearing in those particular areas,” Rabinovich explains.
  10. You’re treating stains incorrectly. Instead of scrubbing a spot with excess soap or detergent, let a Magic Eraser do the work. It won’t disrupt the dye, and take it from us, it work wonders when you spill red wine on your favourite flares.

Fashion updates useful when travelling with EuropeDriving Holidays.



French hatters’, Italian Shoes’ – Haute Couture to Ready to Wear. Try, feel and wear.

Yes, you can internet shop!

But, honestly does it compare to arriving in a prestige sports car outside a Milan tailors, step inside to try and buy the latest Italian fashion in person?   Do it in style, enjoy the experience whether it be dress, suit, shoes, bags or belts. Stepping out in the fashion hideouts of Portafino, Como, Milan or Venice, London, Paris, Vienna, Geneva or Berlin would add that special touch as part of your Europe trip with Europe Driving.

With leopard skin layer dress by renowned haute couture or ready to wear, make your holiday that much more memorable by returning home with those special items purchased.