Find your Lead soldiers on our Austrian Tours

Travelling Europe in search of Lead Soldiers or antique Cork Screws, Europe Driving holidays will help you find your dream.

Visit the fascinating antique outlets throughout Europe, English or French furniture, Spanish and Italian weaponry, German or Swedish wooden pieces, Austrian and Swiss jewellery, missing china and cutlery from Ireland to Denmark are just some of the many possibilities.

Search the local markets or fossick the old dusty antique shops to the great Antique quarters of the Louvre in Paris. Antiques of all sorts offer a fascinating tour subject, you may wish to do a similar tour as the well-known Antiques Road Show or visiting auction houses for the best bargains in one of our sports car tours, whether it be solo holidays or as a group, our Europe tours can be arranged to suit your needs?

Duelling pistols, enamel pin boxes, watches, thimbles or Arabesques pottery – the country roads of summer in Europe opens new and exciting adventures in search of your collection.