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Golf Courses, every new thinking keeps us poor!- It has been suggested that on golf courses –

Just like all golfers you have a single favorite club that you hit perfectly every time you pull it out of the bag.  Have you ever wondered why you have just this one favorite golf club out of your entire set?  The reason is that it is the only one that actually comes close to fitting you properly and allows your body on golf courses to make its most fluid and powerful swing.  It is simply common sense that in order for you to maximize your golfing potential at golf courses, all of the clubs within your set should be built to the same ideal fitting and dynamic attributes as this favorite club thus producing an entire set of favorite golf clubs (same length, weight, flex, lie angle, etc.).  Golf clubs that are custom fitted to you produce a tremendous increase in consistent ball striking, increased distance, and pin-point accuracy for golfers of all skill levels so when you take them on the Golf in 5 Countries Tour you feel at home even though the greens vary.

For those (like me) interested in the lastest and greatest of gadgets its time to consider upgrading……

As the owner of the General Lee car from the Dukes of Hazard, Bubba Watson already rides with swagger on golf courses. It’s just fitting that Watson’s apparel company, Oakley, has provided a hovercraft to add to the reigning Masters champion’s garage of impressive stuff for golf courses, you know, next to his green jacket. It feels very Adam Sandler/Waterboy-esque.      Behold, Bubba’s Hover. It can go on land and water. That’s Bubba Golf. A must-see video:

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