Secrets of the Mediterranean

EuropeDriving Holidays along the Mediterranean Sea; visit past meccas like Portofino, Menton, Port Grimaud or Murica off the beaten track but abounds with history:-

Portofino; in the past it was a port of call to Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Elizabeth Taylor, Clark Gable, and Ava Gardner. Hotel Splendido still providing local cuisine. One of the best seaside towns on the planet due to its premiere location and unbelievable beauty and worthy of a visit.

Grimaud; retains the same canals and islands of its Italian inspiration, but with a decidedly more exotic atmosphere. Visit Relaise & Chateau Hotel, relic of the 1950s glitz that dominated the area on the way to St. Tropez. A quintessential stopover for those who have docked their yachts in Port Grimaud.

Cassis; retaining the purity of southern France without the glitz and glamour of neighbouring Nice, Cannes and St. Tropez. Since the early 1950s it has become something of a hideaway for wealthy Europeans. Cassis is also home to some good white wine and rose, the town’s cosmopolitan air has made Cassis a quiet but enjoyable Mediterranean beach town. The Michelin-star rated La Villa Madie on the cliffs of Cassis is the type of restaurant designed to cater to the cabals of wealthy aristocrats and actors that call Cassis home.

These and many other hidden gems are for you to explore when traveling the Mediterranean coast with EuropeDriving Holidays. Make your enquiry now and see how the team can offer you a cost effective personalized tour travelling in style and comfort.