Ireland Tour for $4,200.00 7 Days


Colour your Life with EuropeDriving Private Holidays.


Staying in Luxury Hotels as we travel the coast, this Small Group tour offers you a real taste of Irish life with Lakes, fjords and mountainous country offering unique opportunities to experience the real Ireland. Emerald green, white sheep and moss covered trees greet you on this eye opening tour of Ireland.


Driving through both coastal and inland villages and towns, exploring the colourful Pubs of Ireland with their global reputation as being friendly and welcoming ports of call. We can ride horses across the beach, boat along the Fjords, visit and explore the magic Giants Causeway, Ashford Castle and hidden Manor houses with their comfortable decor and crackling open fires. Then for the brave, there is Sea Weed Baths available for a leisurely relaxing hour or surfing off the Irish West coast.  Request an Itinerary for a week’s trip.


With weather offering both sunny and drizzle filled days Ireland offers you all, you can experience the notorious Peat Bogs of Ireland offer you the opportunity to dig and dry Peat ready for the fire. Mist covered mornings will have you sipping at something warm while trying your hand at Trout fishing. Visit Tipperary, Galway and Waterford with its history in Glass. Enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy your holiday in privacy without having to follow a bus tour time tables, be independent and comfortable with a guided tour by EuropeDriving Holidays. Ask about how we can fit your budget.


Contact us now and see how EuropeDriving can put you in a dream holiday can put you in a dream Irish holiday together with destinations and budgets to suits you, starting from A$4,200.00 p/week.