WW2 Sun Light

Sun light to Moon light

 Uncover and feel each City with out rush.

Road travel through country back roads in the sun light provides that unique ability to visit the villages, Towns and Cities without the whirlwind speed of bus trips, timetables and crowds.

Whether you wish to just sit in the sun light a while or stay awhile and people watch, take a pedal taxi from point to point, get out your easel and paint or just walk the paths, trails and roadways while taking in the local cultural and ambiance, scenic sights or architectural history is only provided by personalized Europe Driving Holidays. Discovering locations such as Paris, Lille, Auxurre, Maussane, Verbannia, Portofino, Kirkcudbright, Kiev, Bratislava or Stockholm the list is endless as we drive through quant hamlets talk to locals and enjoy a glass of wine watching the moon light across Swiss and Italian lakes.

Car holidays unlike the past, are these days the high end of holidays, as most other forms of high movement trips are bulk carriers, set to timetables, narrow routes and mass catering. Europe Driving Holidays is for the discerning traveler looking sun light and that the personal feeling of freedom yet having 5 star comfort, meals of choice, personally designed activities, stopping and starting at will without the queuing and hassle of being herded to dinner or onto a bus.

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