Food Glorious Food!


Culinary… the art of cooking, food preparation and presentation of food.

From Barbecues to Michelin stars, we all need good food that helps to keep us healthy and energised. However the occasional misdemeanor is acceptable as the bake house with its cakes and cookies is sometimes as tempting as a $300.00 Michelin Pigeon with warm foie gras sorbet or a serious T Bone steak off the flames.

The key to life is to eat what your body needs, try and try new dishes, ensure a good proportion of any main meal is vegetables and eat in moderation leaving a morsel on the plate side, with knife and fork together, showing a satisfied eater, waiter and cook.

Travel with Europe Driving Holiday trips you can either taste and enjoy the culinary delights from town to town or we can arrange for you to have local cooking experiences enabling you to prepare and provide dishes from Provence, Umbria or Seville. Join the experience with personalised holiday trips travelling in style.