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Flower Tour Solo holidays visits woodland.

Staying in Luxury Hotels as we travel through the country from Cornwall to Hadrian’s Wall with wild flowers adding colour and admiration, this Small Group tour offers you a real taste of England with the Lake District, Moors, Downs, Cotswolds a country offering unique opportunities to experience real English life.


Enjoy and experience Royal history, Ancient Castles, Medieval Towns, Museums, exploring the colourful Pubs, Battlefields, Walking trails, Golf or any other activity that suits your taste. There are the University Cities of Oxford and Cambridge, Heritage gardens, Forests and woods with native flowers, Antique shows and auctions to visit. There is the traditional Tea and Scones or a local hot Beer to add to the Ploughman’s lunch or a diner in the Savoy, adding to your dream trip. We can visit canal boats, stay in castles and sap up the green treed country side.

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With weather offering both sunny and drizzle filled days England offers you all, considered the most desirable land on a Summers Day. With the Royal household, bobby’s with black hats, double decker buses and red phone boxes being all specific English quirks. Enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy your holiday in privacy without having to follow a bus tour time tables, be independent and comfortable with a guided tour by EuropeDriving Holidays.

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