Do you know how many wine growing areas there are in France?

There are ten different wine growing locations in France!

Heading South from the English channel to Marsailles on the Mediterranean Sea you pass through: – Champagne region, the most northerly district with Reims being the regional town where Chardonnay grape vineyards in the district are worth a visit. Area of Alsace, on the eastern slopes of the Vosges Mountains near the German border offering good Rieslings wines. Burgundy region, on the eastern slopes of the ranges stretching from Dijon to Beaune with its renowned red wines. Cotes du Rhone region, set in the Rhone Valley south of the city Lyon, offering many winery visits through the country region. Finally the Provence region located south of Cotes du Rhone where the classic all day Rose wines make a cheese lunch under the Plain trees of a local village in the sun, something to look forward to.

Experience French wines in the country side they were developed in, see history, age and local architecture by driving, feeling and tasting the “stuff dreams are made of”