Boutique Shopping Paris

Boutique Shopping, Suburbs of Paris

Boutique Shopping with a difference!

Like most city’s Paris has many interesting areas to visit that are off the beaten track, once the Louvre and Versailles Gardens have been ticked off your bucket list try and look around the corner, as Paris and its suburbs hold many hidden and local surprises. Take the region of Saint-Germain-en-Laye  close to all as set on the banks of the Seine river and surrounded by the Germain and Marly forests yet offering both cafe’s and boutique shopping, pop down to Rue des Louviers where you will find l’Occitane, LaCosta along with other brand stores, for ladies wishing to hunt for fashion at reasonable prices – . Then into the boutique shop of ‘Solfege’, situated on the junction of a pedestrian mall and close to the Castle. The Mall offers the chance to stop at a cafe for your Caffé Latte, while watching the local activities of Parisian life.

Enjoy the city as after the sun slides away consider a show in the city, all this and more organised and accompanied by Europe Driving Holidays.

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