500 CLUB – DECEMBER 2016

Fiat 500 club

Saturday saw the cars arriving at the day’s rendezvous in Kirkcudbright Harbour Car park, amongst the many visitors to the area awaiting the arrival of father Christmas on a timely docking Kirkcudbright Fishing Trawler.

Our convoy route took the 500’s across the Kirkcudbright bridge heading for Borgue through lovely Scottish Lowland county-side of the Galloway district while winding our way to the junction of the regions lifeblood A75. A quick right then left turn put us back on the old military road which passes Cally Palace and on into the tourist town of Gate House of Fleet. Left at the clock tower and we were at the day’s destination of the Masonic Arms for a pleasant lunch around the warming fire.

On arrival, we noted yet another Fiat 500 in bright yellow parked nearby and a future club member! With the good company, drinks, meal, chat about world affairs and the speed at which Christmas was approaching it was suggested that a flyer be made and given to all with the intention of advising others Fiat drivers of the 500 Club, as seeing the convoy of colourful fun 500’s grow is the next stage in the club’s development. A flyer is being worked on and will be ready shortly.


It was agreed that there would be no more meetings of the Club for 2016, with plans to meet up in the New year.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas and we look forward to catching up next year.




Tim & Kathy

500 Club – Kirkcudbright.

Contacts;- mbs1@iinet.net.au or Tel. 07 929 007 708