French hatters’, Italian Shoes’ – Haute Couture to Ready to Wear. Try, feel and wear.

Yes, you can internet shop!

But, honestly does it compare to arriving in a prestige sports car outside a Milan tailors, step inside to try and buy the latest Italian fashion in person?   Do it in style, enjoy the experience whether it be dress, suit, shoes, bags or belts. Stepping out in the fashion hideouts of Portafino, Como, Milan or Venice, London, Paris, Vienna, Geneva or Berlin would add that special touch as part of your Europe trip with Europe Driving.

With leopard skin layer dress by renowned haute couture or ready to wear, make your holiday that much more memorable by returning home with those special items purchased.


Like the Sea? see where our sports car tours can take you!

From the Isle of Skye to the Amalfi Coast, from sandy beaches to where raw rock meets the ocean, EuropeDriving will drive you through country roads in style and comfort to your destination.

Enjoying the tranquillity of far off beaches arriving and staying in a remote cabin, or the activities of Nice, Cannes and Antibes with their boats, shops, cafes’ and architecture, where staying in luxury hotels before eagerly exploring the next cove. The Mediterranean, Atlantic coast or the Baltic, Black or North Sea’s all offer that different touch. Sitting high up in Amalfi watching the aqua coloured seas spreading across to Salerno or resting peacefully in Kirkcudbright on the rolling hills of the Lowlands of Scotland where somewhat differently we watch the low tide expose horizon like mud flats glistening in the sun, vastly different but both as beautiful.  Your Europe tour will cater for your points of interest.

Suggestions include the Italian Riviera with its deck chair beaches, Portafino where the catwalk plays an important part, Sanremo where cocktails are the shout of the day, Burnham Market where you see the oyster shelling on the beach, Split for the rugged coast and beauty, St Tropez has its artist sitting on the breakwaters and Carry le Rouet is just fine for an evening sundowner, these are but a few holiday destinations you can be driven to on our singles holidays or small group trips.

Your sports car holidays can be designed cost effectively to include your Beach Comber experience, talk to Europe Driving holidays now about your next trip.

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Find your Lead soldiers on our Austrian Tours

Travelling Europe in search of Lead Soldiers or antique Cork Screws, Europe Driving holidays will help you find your dream.

Visit the fascinating antique outlets throughout Europe, English or French furniture, Spanish and Italian weaponry, German or Swedish wooden pieces, Austrian and Swiss jewellery, missing china and cutlery from Ireland to Denmark are just some of the many possibilities.

Search the local markets or fossick the old dusty antique shops to the great Antique quarters of the Louvre in Paris. Antiques of all sorts offer a fascinating tour subject, you may wish to do a similar tour as the well-known Antiques Road Show or visiting auction houses for the best bargains in one of our sports car tours, whether it be solo holidays or as a group, our Europe tours can be arranged to suit your needs?

Duelling pistols, enamel pin boxes, watches, thimbles or Arabesques pottery – the country roads of summer in Europe opens new and exciting adventures in search of your collection.



Come revel and enjoy the experiences and mysteries of life in Castles of Yesteryear


Castles stretch across Europe from Scotland to Sicily.

Castles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes dependent on the location, weather conditions and time period built. The daily life requirements of medieval castles opens new understandings to the period with their water wells, living quarters, dress fashion, livestock, food cropping, weaponry, extent on influence and family connections.

Europe Driving organises your holiday to include staying in Castle Hotels which brings home the romance and elegance of well-maintained Castles. From Dover, The Tower of London, Langley and Leeds Castles to those of Bouillon, Les Baux, Tarascon and Beaucaire Castles are just some of the many many Castles that can be seen throughout Europe. Whether you wish to hot air balloon overhead or seek the dungeons below you can experience the intricacies and specialities of each nation’s Castles from the Knights Templar to the Kings of Countries.

Whether it be an indepth pursuit or a casual interest EuropeDriving Holidays can ensure your memorable holiday includes relevant Castles that stand majestically in their unique geographical location.


Artists at Heart

Be driven in style and comfort to see your favourite artist paintings or where they spent their time perfecting their works, Van Gogh in Southern France, the Cafe in Arles, his Hosbis retreat or visit the Alpilles regional mountains. Visit the Louvre in Paris and look at da Vinci’s, Mona Lisa in the eye, from Monet, Renoir or Paul Cezanne these and many other renowned painters from 1452 to 1919 throughout Europe can be visited while driving the country roads that were once travelled by such artists.

Alternatively pick up your easel, paints and board and EuropeDriving will take you to famous locations, sample being Van Gogh famous bridge where you can spend as much time as you wish to sketch and paint your version of these renowned locations. Likewise find your own tranquil location and start on your work of art making your trip a memorable experience.

Our excutive cars with driver/guide can take your equipment and accompany you to your special spot or sights with fully catered for trips

Calling all coffee connoisseurs

Want to indulge your coffee fetish?  Want to try the real thing?

How about an Espresso Romano with lemon or Affogato with caramel sauce in Italy?  Cafe au lait or Cafe miel espresso shot with cinnamon and honey in Paris?  Or a Cafe bombon espresso served with sweetened condensed milk in Valencia, Spain?

Or are you a true coffee snob?  What about a Ristretto short shot espresso (with half the amount of water) or a true Turkish coffee.

No matter what coffee you prefer… Europe Driving Holidays will take you there in style and comfort.  Join the ultimate driving experience.